When To Clean Your Swimmingpool: A Quick Guide

Keeping your swimming pool clean is essential if you want to swim in it, without contracting any nasty infections that could be lurking in the water. If you have a private pool or are fortunate enough to have access to a communal pool, then cleaning it regularly is essential. However, no matter how big or small, there are times when you need to clean your swimming pool more thoroughly than others.

Before You Start To Clean Your Swimming Pool

Before you start to clean your swimming pool, it’s important to do a few things. Firstly, make sure that the pool is empty. If you have a liner, then it’s time to get those off and start scrubbing the walls. Secondly, to do this properly and successfully, you’ll need at least one good bucket and a brush for scrubbing.

Weekly Cleaning Ritual

For a weekly cleaning ritual, you should have the following: -A net to skim the top of the water and remove any leaves or other items.

-A vacuum to suck up dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool.

-A brush for scrubbing off any algae that cling to the surface of your pool.

-An automatic chlorine dispenser to ensure that your water remains germ-free.

It may seem like an overwhelming list, but it’s simply a checklist for a weekly ritual of keeping your pool clean and swimmable. You can also save time by purchasing a pre-made kit that has all these items in it! The only thing you’ll need to add is chlorine tablets!

Spring Cleaning

You’ll likely need to give your pool a thorough clean in spring, as this is when dirt and leaves have time to build up. The water will likely be murky as well as it may have algae. If you don’t want to take out the heavy equipment and get your hands dirty, then hiring a professional cleaner is an option.

When Your Pool Needs A More Thorough Cleaning

It is important to clean your pool thoroughly when you notice certain changes in the water. If your pool is too cloudy, has a strong odor, or has an excess of algae, then it needs deeper cleaning. If your water is cloudy, it could be because there are too many particles and other materials in the water that need to be filtered out.

If your pool has a strong odor, this could be because there are chemicals in the water that have found their way into the air. And if you see an abundance of algae, this could mean that the pH balance isn’t right.

After You’ve Cleaned Your Swimming Pool

After you’ve cleaned your pool, it’s important to know when to clean it again. You need to clean it after heavy use and after a storm. If you have a private pool and are using it often or if your community is experiencing heavy rainfall, then there will be a lot of debris in the pool.

This debris will eventually sink to the bottom, where bacteria can grow. If you don’t clean your pool after these types of events, then the bacteria could spread as you swim on top of it.

Key Takeaway

A clean swimmingpool is a happy swimming pool. And, the more you take care of your pool, the more you’ll enjoy it. Keep your pool clean with these tips and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, usable pool all season long, not just for those short summer months.

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