4 Different Styles of Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences help to mark out your space distinctly, keeping intruders at bay and ensuring that you have some measure of privacy to yourself. The function of a good wrought iron fence can certainly not be missed or undermined, but the focus here today is the different styles of wrought fences that exist. While some persons may be fine with a simple, minimalist appearance for their fences, others may cherish having some stylish tone to theirs. As such, let’s delve into the world of styles as it pertains to wrought iron fences.

Arched Top

Wrought iron fences with the arched top have a classic look as it reflects ancient Roman and Greek architectural history and may eventually impart some sort of Victorian or neo-classical vibe to your home. This is why arched top fences are often viewed as bringing on an ageless and adorable elegance that further adds value to your property. The design of these fences is portrayed by an arc or semicircle connecting a series of pairs of vertical posts that make up the fence. The design may yet be varied to suit individual preferences.

Closed Metal

As the name implies, this type of wrought iron fence is characterized by closed sections which are made by the presence of pickets between the vertical posts of the fence. The space existing between the railings can be completely closed off – wherein you will have a closed metal gate – to further promote privacy; this will mean reduced visibility.

Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence

This type of wrought iron fence can be decorated with features such as logos, arches, medallions, etc., to give it an aesthetic lift. Ornamental wrought iron fences were especially popular in the past when artisans detailedly carved out artworks on fenceposts – and it is still in use now. This option avails homeowners the opportunity to have customized representations or symbols on their gates. More so, ornamental wrought iron fences may be finished with powder-coating or embellished with some other adornments.

Straight Top

Straight top wrought iron fences are simple in appearance; they have a minimalist look. There is no complication or sophistication about their ironwork, and they are often designed with attention to ensuring security. The fenceposts of this type of fence normally have sharply pointed finials – to give it an arrow-like appearance – to prevent intruders from easily gaining access to your property.

Any wrought iron fence you settle for will doubtlessly add beauty to your home. But then, you can even raise the bar by having a garden landscaping feature around the property. This would advance the overall aesthetic appeal and make your space a paradise of some sort – this would be simply lovely.


Gone are the days when wrought iron fences were viewed as being for the wealthy folks alone. These fences are now quite affordable and can be gotten by anyone – who desires one – with fair earning. Plus, you will certainly get a durable one that would not easily give in to rust or corrosion.

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