What Are the Different Styles You Can Find in Ogee Skirting Board?

If you want an Ogee Skirting board, you will come across many designs and styles, and it becomes hard to choose the right one. Trends may come and go, but these ogee skirting boards have stood to the time and been proven better than any other.

You will find several sellers, but Skirting World is on the top list. Though Ogee Skirting has many different styles, they share the same characteristics.

What is the Design of Ogee?

Ogee is typically mentioned with skirting boards when it is mentioned. They anticipate a typical design with a “sweeping curve” as well. The designs in which you can find Ogee is-

  • Ogee 1
  • Ogee 2
  • Mini Ogee 1
  • Oscar
  • Regency
  • Vintage 1
  • Vintage 2
  • Profile 2

With the notable exception of small Ogee 1, approximately 38mm (thus the name “mini”), these designs are typically around 44mm and 50mm in size.

Most Ogee styles begin with an angled edge which flows into the sweeping curve, as you’ll also observe. Even though some of them begin somewhat differently, you’ll see that they all share the Ogee shape’s characteristic curve feature.

Let’s take a deep look into the designs, and are-

Ogee 1 Skirting board

The Ogee 1 design features a straightforward but stylish sweeping curve, which is the hallmark of the Ogee style. The end of that. This design is roughly 50mm in size, which is standard for the sector.

Even though Ogee is considered a traditional form, people frequently look for new construction and modern homes. Said it looks good in any interior.

Ogee 2 Skirting Board

The Ogee 2 design is extremely similar to the Ogee 1 design, except it has a round at the top before the inclined slope and Ogee-style curve.This gives the design an additional ornamental element and further enhances its suitability for a traditional home!

The wide curve is slightly less than in the Ogee 1 design because the design is still only about 50mm.

Mini Ogee 1 Skirting Board

This design is frequently adopted when it is necessary to have smaller skirtings and architraves. You receive a decorative pattern in a small package.It’s also one of the more well-liked Ogee-type designs for new construction and contemporary interiors.

Oscar Skirting Board

It has the same pattern as Ogee 2 with an elongated top and sweeping curve, even though it does not sound like Ogee.

Oscar has more softened edges and gentler contours than the Ogee 2. Although it still has a traditional look, it might work well in a modern setting.

Vintage 1 Skirting Board

A little rectangular groove is added to the basic Ogee form of the Vintage 1 design.With this small distinction, Vintage 1 stands out from the other Ogee-type patterns.

Vintage 2 Skirting Board

An Ogee-style curve is all that the Vintage 2 design has to offer. But below the design, the outer curve and plain portion are approximately level with the angled slope.The others’ tendency to be thinner at the top and progressively flare out towards the bottom gives the design a more consistent appearance.


These are all the designs in Ogee Skirting, which gives a classy look. If you want to get a classy look, nothing can beat a skirting board. If you are looking for any change, then Oscar can be the best option to give you an elegant house look.

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