Tackling mold infestation in your homes


A good majority of individuals are no strangers to a downy or furry growth that often occurs on our walls, bathroom walls or any other untiled walls. This furry growth of course looks very gross and unpleasant to the eyes. The common term used for this furry growth is ‘mold’, you may have heard of it. Mold, as we know,is often caused by fungi, especially in the presence of wetness or dampness. This dampness could be found mostly in wet areas such as bathrooms or outdoor walls or it could be asbestos mold, any damp areas are usually susceptible to mold infestation.

Moldsarecaused by fungi, and fungi can be describedasseveralamounts of microorganism thatare parasitic in nature and feed on organisms. Moldsare not in any way pleasing to the eyes as they often grow in multicellular filaments that are known an hyphae.

Mold infestation; A meagre affair?

As unharmful as they might look, molds are very dangerous to the health, as it is scientifically proven that moldshave the potential to cause certain health defects.Molds are known to produce allergens which can trigger certain reactions to the body and/or even trigger asthma attacks for people who are allergic tomold. It is a given according to the World Health Organizationthat overexposure to mold infestation can lead to a severe decrease in lung functionality

Seeing as moldare caused by fungi and it is common knowledge that fungi can cause health issues for both animals and humans, it becomes evident that moldsaredangerousor put correctly molds are more dangerous than they might seem.

What to do if you have mold infestation?

Find plumbingerrors; The dampness that was written of earlier in this article could most likely be as a result of broken pipes or leaks from pipes, hence it will be very helpful if you search for such areas with plumbingfails and get them fixed by a plumber. This will reduce the amount of dampness on your walls and or your asbestos and consequently reducing the amount of mold in your house or perhaps, eradicating it for good.

Be sure it’s not dirt;Even as evident as mold is, it can still be misconstrued for dirt so you have to be sure that part of your house that you assume is just dirty isn’t actually mold because mold can make a surface look dirty. You can run a quick mold check by attempting the following; dip aswab in dilutedbleach then dab on the wall, you would know that it is mold if the wall dries quickly.

Ventilation; You should endeavor to install all the appropriate ventilation systems in areas that are most susceptible to mold infestation, areas that are open dampness areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms and your laundry room. As mentioned earlier, it is imperative that you ensure to find and fix all sources of water leaks so that you are not back to square one even after you think you have reduced the sources of your mold .

Finally,you should engage the services of adequate and efficient cleaners for your home so they do a thorough and proper check on the nook and crannies of your home.

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