How To Maintain Epoxy Floor

Epoxy floors is without a doubt a good choice especially for commercial kitchen. Kitchen is where the real hard action happens, with this, durability, ease of maintenance and resistance are very important.

Even how beneficial this option is, there are still some  kitchen owners who choose other floor options. Yes, they have the freedom to choose the floor they think is best for them, but needless to say, if you want a type of floor perfect for your busy kitchen, it is epoxy floor you have to consider.

Yes, this type of floor takes time to apply, hence proper planning is very important to make sure that the application will be done properly and without rushing.

Moving on, as previously stated, maintaining epoxy floor is easy, there are sometime when maintenance is something you can do your own, while there are some instances when professional service is required.

Maintaining Epoxy Floor

To help you with your epoxy floor maintenance, here are some of the things to keep in mind:

Daily maintenance

Daily maintenance of epoxy floor is easy and fast. When water or any other liquid, and food is spilled on the floor, wiping it with clean cloth is more than enough to get the floor’s shine back. After a long day in the kitchen or any time in between, sweeping it with a broom to remove dust particles is a good idea. Also, mopping it from time to time is also advised.

In terms of epoxy floor daily maintenance, people who are assigned to do it will not have a lot of hard time accomplishing their task compared to other types of floor.

Cleaning agents

This is very important to consider when maintaining epoxy floor, as not all cleaning agents are perfect for this type of floor. Although this type of floor is known for its resistance and durability, if wrong chemical is applied to it, there is a chance that its pristine condition will be sacrificed. The epoxy coating may peel off if the chemical used is too strong or does not match the elements or components of epoxy. Buying only cleaning agents that are custom to epoxy floor is what you need to consider. Read the back of the label before applying it to your floor, most of the time, non alkaline cleaning solution is your best choice.

Also, when choosing a broom to use in sweeping the floor, make sure that bristles are soft and not too sharp and hard, same as with the brush to use to avoid scratching the coating.


Epoxy coat is not meant forever, and this should be done when the shine on the floor is already gone, you can choose to do it yourself, or you can hire a professional. The latter is recommended especially that the job is not only tedious but time consuming too. If you failed to do all the steps properly, you might not be able to get the beauty and benefits this type of floor offers.

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