Essential Tips On How To Clean The Kitchen

After all, no matter how much the person performs almost daily maintenance in the kitchen, at one time or another, the kitchen requires a more thorough cleaning. And then, if there is no way out: you need to hire someone or even a specialized company like Euromaids amongst others to do this service or reserve a few minutes of your day for it.

Start cleaning the kitchen with the dishes. First, wash and rinse all items.

Dry all dishes and store each item in its place.

Clean the window and glass with a cloth dampened with general cleaner.

Then wipe the glass with a dry cloth to avoid stains.

Clean cabinets using a sponge/cloth with mild detergent. If necessary, rinse the cloth and wipe it more than once to remove the accumulation of product residue.

Then do a detailed cleaning of the appliances: stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator.

Clean the kitchen floor, first removing the dirt with a vacuum cleaner.

Then scrub the floor.

To finish, wipe the damp cloth.

Essential products for a good cleaning

General/Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Eases cleaning because it is used on multiple surfaces.

Disinfectant: cleaning the toilet prevents contamination that can cause illness.

Detergent/degreaser: breaks down fat molecules facilitating the removal of dirt.

There are specific and multipurpose products from different brands that can be used to clean different surfaces. Such products can be found in supermarkets in general and give good results.

“It is also possible to use a solution of 1 tablespoon of neutral detergent diluted in a bucket with 5 liters of water. This solution facilitates the cleaning of the porcelain and enhances the shine. But we advise people to always carefully read the specifications and recommendations of the suppliers/manufacturer, thus avoiding any damage, such as stains.

Tips To Help With Cleaning

  1. Before starting the cleaning, gather all the materials you will use, such as a broom, vacuum cleaner, clothes, disinfectants, etc. Keep them leaning against a wall, behind a door, or anywhere they don’t get in the way. This speeds up the service because if you have to leave the room you are cleaning to pick up a particular product, you risk losing the focus of cleaning.
  2. If possible, enlist the help of your husband or child or someone in your family with cleaning. You must divide the tasks in advance, for example, to be responsible for a room in the house.
  3. Put on a sound to accompany your cleaning. This will make the time pass much faster, and the service will automatically become much more pleasant.

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