Top Selling Quartz Countertops

You might have read about several kitchen countertops, but you cannot buy one without gathering proper information about different materials in which they are available. No doubt you want the best for your kitchen, but buying the best might make you spend more than you can afford at the moment.

Also, if you compromise on the quality of the kitchen countertop by buying something that’s cheap, you might have to spend more money on repairing it in future. Since you cannot change or replace your kitchen countertop quickly, repairing seems a feasible option. However, it is also quite expensive, since you need to spend repeatedly.

Therefore, it’s better for you to gather knowledge on the top selling quartz countertops so that the information assists you in choosing the perfect countertop. Even though there are many materials in which you can buy pro stone countertops the best ones are mentioned below:

  • Miami Vena Countertop – This is known for its beautiful light stone look. It has gently gray marks that match any kind of wall colors. Whether your kitchen walls are dark in color or bright and light, this kind of kitchen countertop is going to complement and adjust with its look in no time at all.
  • Alabaster White Countertop – As the name indicates, it is white in color. It is created by imitating the appearance of a natural stone. Since it is purely white in color with gray veins, there is a high finish to it that makes your kitchen appear spacious than it actually is. Yes – light colored kitchen countertops play with the minds by making the kitchen look bigger than it is.
  • Azur De Mar Countertop – Not everyone is aware of this countertop, but the ones who have heard and witnessed its beauty, do not want to think of anything else for themselves. It looks good to the eyes and reminds you of the sparkling ocean. It has a balance of gray, black and white shades, allowing you to fit it in your light colored kitchen. It creates its own value and space. Once you install countertop in this quartz, you never regret your choice.
  • Acacia Countertop – Another beauty that has not gotten a lot of attention from people is this one. It has a unique appearance and resembles the texture of wood. It takes a proper mind and taste for someone to choose as well as maintain this kitchen countertop.

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