Tips For Installing an Access Ramp

Using an access ramp is a great way to make the building accessible to those with physical disabilities. Unlike stairs, wheelchair ramps allow users to navigate areas of different heights. This way, those who use wheelchairs can move easily between rooms and across the parking lot or sidewalk without worrying about going up and down the stairs. In addition, access ramps can help people who have difficulty walking or using stairs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using an access ramp.

To make an access ramp safe for everyone, it must be designed with safety in mind. It should be built with a railing and handrail that is at least 34 inches above the surface of the ramp. In some locations, frost-proof footings are required. To meet safety codes, a temporary ramp can be constructed with treated plywood pads. Ensure that the ramp is built to code, as many homeowner associations require preapproval of the design and materials.

If you’re installing a ramp for a business or school, consider how the weather will affect it. Heavy snow can be particularly problematic, and you should consider how to remove it safely. A plastic shovel, for example, is safer than a metal one and won’t damage the ramp’s aluminum surface. A thick-bristled broom, on the other hand, will clear away snow without damaging the ramp. This will also make cleanup much simpler.

Detectable warnings should be placed on both sides of the ramp. Aside from providing a distinctive texture, these warnings are also useful for alerting individuals when approaching a vehicle or vehicular area. The hazard of slipping on a ramp can be minimized by utilizing an access ramp with handrails on both sides. To ensure that a ramp is safe and effective, you should draw a detailed sketch of its location.

Aside from using external ramps, you should also consider the type of doorway. External doorways require a ramp that is compatible with the material of the door. If you have wooden door frames, you can buy Doorline Neatedge, which is made of weather-resistant rubber. If you have an aluminium door, you can opt for the Aerolight Range, which includes a full-width anti-slip lip and is protected against corrosion.

Aside from being an important safety device, accessibility ramps can be an excellent way to ensure independent living for those who are unable to move around on their own. They are an ideal way to help a person with a disability maintain their independence while also helping their care givers. By making it easier to access their home, you can save yourself and your loved ones the headache of lifting the wheelchair over a rough surface. If you have a wheelchair or mobility scooter, consider getting a pente pmr to make it easier for you.

The guidelines for installing a wheelchair ramp aren’t as strict as those for public ramps. However, many neighborhoods have specific guidelines about ramps, including the type of surface and the height of handrails. Make sure to build outdoor wheelchair ramps with non-skid surfaces, as water can accumulate on the surfaces. Besides the safety issues, consider the handrail height and position when installing a wheelchair ramp. If the ramp leads to a door, you’ll need to make certain alterations to the door swing.

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