Organize Your Workshop to Find Inner Peace

How many problems of this world would disappear if people were happy to be at home making stuff? When you are in your workshop the problems of the world become insignificant. You are free to create, to fix, or invent. There are few things that can interfere with your sense of peace while working in your shop. But there are a few. The most disruptive influence is usually self-inflicted and comes in the form of clutter and disorganization. Bad habits and lack of defined spaces for tools and machinery can make even a simple project take too long. Having the right tool for the job and being unable to locate it at the moment it is required can drive you to distraction. Here are some basic rules for shop organization.

  • Tools Need a Home: Tool storage is the key to happiness in your shop. When every tool has a specific location and can always be found there, then you are able to focus entirely on the works at hand. There are endless options for tool storage. Big rolling toolboxes are wonderful, but only if you can afford it. An excellent solution to tool storage is to build your own drawers and shelves. Custom make them to what you own and build them into your space. You should also develop a system, so you know which kinds of tools are stored together.
  • Storage: The next most important thing to organization is supplies. There are certain things that you are going to use all the time. Fasteners, welding rods, glue, grease, whatever your hobbies include. These things need to be out of the way, but accessible. Bigger materials like wood and steel, should be in a rack, and maybe stored out of the room if there is a shortage of space. Great storage containers can be found on sites like https://www.richmondnz.co.nz.
  • Electricity: Most workshops depend too much on wall mounted outlets. If you have too many power tools plugged in at once, the cords begin to interfere. Tripping and stepping on cords is a nuisance. Ceiling mounted extension cords that can be pulled down are wonderful and keep the space free for working.

One more thing that is critical to shop satisfaction is keeping the work bench clear. Make it a habit to remove everything from the bench that isn’t part of the current project. Bench clutter only gets worse and makes it harder to get things done. Your workshop is a temple, a place for meditation through the work of your hands. Respect the space and reap the rewards.

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