New or Refurbished? What Kind of Stairlift Should You Buy?

A stairlift can be a costly purchase, and although it’s a good investment to give you independence, you may be wondering whether you can cut your costs by opting for a refurbished model. While some people like a brand new stairlift, others are happy to save money and opt for used, so which one should you choose when buying a stairlift?

A refurbished stairlift can save money

The number one factor in choosing a refurbished stair lift for most people is the cost. You can choose from a range of refurbished stair lifts Stafford and get a great price, while also enjoying models with lots of features. However, there are advantages to buying refurbished rather than new. You’ll know the model is one that’s reliable, as it will have been used for years, and you can often upgrade to a model that you wouldn’t be able to afford brand new, meaning you get a better stair lift at the end of it.

New models have newer features

Newer stairlifts can give you a number of advantages, as they have cutting edge features to offer which you might not get with older models.

Some features you might find in newer models include:

  • Smoother glide and operation
  • Less noise
  • Swivel and fold-up chairs
  • Stairlifts for more unusual spaces
  • Safety sensors

New stairlifts can be good for those who are planning to stay in their home for many years to come.

Choose a stairlift to suit your needs

What’s more important than new versus refurbished is finding a stairlift that suits your needs. If you can’t find a refurbished model that has everything you want, then you may prefer to pay a bit extra to get the perfect one. If you like a certain model and find it refurbished, then you may as well go for it and get the cheaper price. Budget is certainly a consideration when buying a stairlift, but it’s not the only thing that’ll help you find the right model.

If you’re looking for a stairlift, you don’t have to buy one that’s completely new. Refurbished models are becoming increasingly popular and offer plenty in the way of great features. If you don’t want to splash out on a new model for your home, why not take a look at the refurbished models that are available? Like cars, stairlifts are built to last many years, so there’s nothing wrong with going for a used one.

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