How to Roughly Measure the Opening for Window Replacement in Aurora

You’ve finally decided it’s time to replace your windows; however, replacing windows is more than just a trip down to the hardware or big box contractor store. You need to know how to measure your windows in order to get the right size. 

What Is Rough Opening For A Window?

This refers to the framed opening for your planned window. It has a header across the top, a sill plate across the bottom, and vertical trimmers on either side. Each of these elements takes up space, so the final measurements of the installed window will be slightly smaller than the measurements of the rough frame. The variance will depend on the manufacturer of the window you install. Visit website for more information!

Window Measurement Tools

When you’re looking to measure replacement window size, you’ll need the tools to make it happen. Most homeowners have everything they need laying around the house. 

  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Notepad

These tools will be essential and the best way to get proper window measurements. Make sure you record the exact measurements in the notepad don’t worry about rounding up or down at this point. 

How to Measure The Opening For Replacement Windows

Once you have all of your tools, you’ll want to start measuring your windows. You’ll do this by first measuring the height of the window. If you have a window that swings open, you’ll want to open it and take the measurement from the top of the window to the bottom of it. You want to measure it in a few places and write down the smallest number. After writing down the smallest number, you’ll want to reduce that by ⅛”. At this time you want to draw a quick diagram of the window and note the height on the side of the picture. This comes in handy later in the process. 

Now you’ll want to measure the width for window replacement in Aurora. This can be challenging, especially for vinyl windows. There are a few ways people say to do this, but like with the height, you’ll need your tape measure, pencil, and paper.  You’re going to want to measure the surface of the jams on each side of the frame. You’ll want to do this in three places, use the smallest number, and then take ⅛” off of it. Again make a note of this measurement on the diagram at the top or bottom of the drawing. 

Measuring the depth can be one of the hardest aspects for those who are new at measuring window sizes for replacement. Depth is crucial for replacement windows as it will ensure that your windows fit flush to the frame rather than sinking in or sticking out, which can cause issues moving forward. You’ll need to measure the entire dimension of the window opening to ensure you are providing the proper number for depth. You should measure between the inside and outside stops to ensure that the depth is correct. This measurement must be at least three and ¼”, or your measurements are slightly off. Make sure to double-check your window measurements. Even the smallest mistake can cost you hundreds per vinyl window. Like with the other two measurements, you’ll want to take off ⅛”. 

Add this number to the diagram with the other numbers. You should now have three measurements if you don’t, then go back and repeat the steps. 

How To Order Replacement Windows In Aurora  

Once you’ve recorded the smallest width and height measurements, you’re ready to order your replacement windows. Replacements should be within ⅛” of your measurements rounded down. You should also decide the type of replacement windows that will work best for your home and budget, whether it’s vinyl windows, composite, or another style. 

You may find windows close to the size you need at your local home improvement store but it’s always best to get ones based on your exact measurements for a perfect fit. You can order online, talk to a customer service technician at your local home improvement store or contact an Aurora window replacement professional near you. 

Window Measurement DIY or Best Left To The Pros?

Measuring for windows sounds like an easy DIY project unless you have no experience doing it. This is especially true if you plan on replacing multiple windows or installing a custom or complex window design.

Although measuring the size of your windows can be done at home, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Here’s why:

You’ll need to know where to measure from and how to measure accurately. You might not know where the wall studs are located, which makes it difficult for you to get an accurate measurement. You also risk damaging your walls by using a tape measure incorrectly or over-stretching it as you move from one side of the room to another.

Measuring windows is also time-consuming because there are many different types of measurements that need to be taken for each window that needs replacing. If you don’t already have experience with measuring for windows, then this process can be confusing and frustrating because there are so many factors involved in getting things just right before purchasing new ones!

In addition, if you’re planning on installing custom windows, then this process can become even more complicated because they require more precise measurements than standard-sized ones do because there aren’t any standard sizes when it comes to custom ones!

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