How to Clean your Swimming Pool Using Three Simple Steps

Have you ever been to a dirty swimming pool? How was the experience? A poorly maintained swimming pool is the worst place you can ever visit. A pool needs weekly checks for water pH and general cleaning. It’s an excellent way to enjoy better swimming pool services whenever you enter a swimming area.

If you have a private swimming pool, you will need to save money by cleaning it yourself. You will have to do daily checks to ensure it’s safe for anyone who will need swimming pool services. Let’s get into a more in-depth analysis of the three simple mechanisms to apply to ensure swimming safety.

Brushing and skimming

Before you embark on brushing and skimming your pool, ensure you have everything. The entire process has to run smoothly. Your stock has to be up to date with all essentials.

A telescopic pole is the first thing to have. Many pool cleaning commodities need a stick to mount on. You will need to remove all debris from the bar. Trash are common potential germs that will contaminate your pool.

A skimmer net or a leaf skimmer are other essential tools for brushing and skimming. Use the small net after mounting it on the telescopic pole. The net removes debris and leaves from the pool surface. Like other cleaning equipment, the net needs occasional cleaning. It’s a way to keep it fit for the cleaning task.

A pool brush is also needed to clean the ladders, steps, and sides of the pool. Debris and dust can clog on the brush. It’s thus essential to rinse out the brush frequently to keep it clean.

Skimming the pool surface using a leaf cleaner

Pool surface skimming is very important in the pool cleaning process. It’s a process that should be done daily to free the pool’s surface from any form of contamination. It’s a cheap means you can use to maintain your pool. Get the best pool skimming equipment and have the work done.

A net removes debris from the pool. It’s typical for foliage and leaves to fall into the pool frequently. Falling is common in outdoor pools. You will need a better net skimmer to get rid of all foreign bodies visible at the pool’s top.

Brushing the pool sides and ladder

Once you remove debris, use pool brushes to clean pool sides, stairs, and ladders. The cleaning of these parts should be weekly. Attach a brush to a pole and run it over these areas. Apply force to get rid of grime. Pay more attention to areas like stairs that are not well supplied with water.


You don’t need to have more complicated equipment to be able to clean your swimming pool. Use improvised and straightforward tools within your reach to have the work done. When selecting tools like brushes and nets, go for quality ones. They will serve you for a long time as you enjoy the swimming pool services.

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