Four Reasons to Grow Perennial Plants in Your Garden

As a homeowner, you will want your flower beds to be always in pristine shape. That is why you may want to plant perennial flowers. Perennial plants or flowers live for more than two years. Often, they die off during the autumn or winter and return in the spring from their rootstock. Permaculture prefers plantes vivaces because of their established root systems. Aside from having robust root systems, the following are other benefits of perennials:

Less Maintenance

Perennial plants require less yearly maintenance. You can save money, energy, and time by not clearing out flower beds and replanting every year. The beds don’t also require composting and mulching. Since the plants stay in the soil, and the soil is undisturbed, their root systems improve the soil’s structure. With the ground aerated and channeled by the roots, water can travel through the soil more efficiently.

Because of deeper root systems that stretch further down into the soil, perennial plants can access nutrients out of the reach of annual plans. These nutrients are brought to the surface where they and other plants can access them. This is especially useful for elements like nitrogen, which is necessary for plant growth. Also, it is essential for trace elements like magnesium and iron that lie further down in the soil profile instead of in the topsoil.

They Offer More Bang for Your Buck

Perennials are a one-time purchase that tends to pay back for years, making them a good economic choice for gardeners on any budget. Perennial plants such as daisies, daylilies, and lupine even multiply every year. By naturalizing these plants, you can divide and re-plant them in other spots in your garden. If you want to see the most flowers, choose those with extended bloom times or reblooming varieties.

They can Create Changing Tapestry of Colours

The majority of annual plants bloom continuously through the growing season and the majority of perennials have shorter, more defined bloom seasons. Thus, with a little careful planning, you can plant many varieties of perennials to offer your yard a different look in every season. Perennials make it fun to design and personalize your garden.

They Make a Big Statement

Gardens with perennial flowers provide a season-long statement. You can plan and design your garden to shift with the season, delivering bold colours from flowers and foliage. This can offer your garden a boost of beauty and color from spring to fall.

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