Four Flag Pole Installation Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

How are you showing others how patriotic you are? Paying taxes is just an obligation we must all fulfill, however installing a flag pole to hoist the national flag on your compound might just work out great. It comes down to ensuring you get everything right from where you purchase your flag pole kit to the entire installation procedure. Amid the excitement, one can easily make mistakes they regret later with the installation. Compiled here are a few of the mistakes you should watch out for when laying plans for proper successful flag pole installation.

Improper Location Choice

Most homeowners get overexcited with the flag pole purchase and installation process that they overlook crucial details affecting the process. It comes down to finding a great location for your flag pole installation on your lawn. A great location means improved visibility and proper planning against external weather conditions. Besides choosing a great location on your turf for installation, listen to the local authority compliance demands to guide the process and mitigate any chances of having to redo the procedure later on which culminates in budget and time wastage for you.

Wrong Flag Pole Choice

The choice of flag pole you make can easily determine whether you will redo the process or not. First, begin by researching the available types of flag poles found on the internet to get the one that you want. Consider factors like the material it is made from, the height and size of the pole, type of finishing, customization, and even how the flag will be raised and lowered. Fiberglass is often a great material for flag poles however for durability and easy time with maintenance, consider the aluminum option. It is only after research that one can determine the right quality of flag pole to purchase for their lawns.

Poor Installation Procedure

Before you commence the installation of the flag pole, you will need to ascertain factors like favorable weather to work during the day and the availability of all the resources and manpower that you need for the job. The installation instructions involve digging a wide hole whose diameter is four-time the diameter of the pole. You will thus need the right tools and with your titan flag pole kit, installation should not take more than an hour to get done.

Use Of Ready Mix Cement

When it comes to the installation part, you need to have the right kind of resources to use for the same. Experts will recommend finding regular concrete and cement for filling the hole when installing the pole. It is not right to resort ready to mix cement as it may not provide the stability that you want for your flag pole. Find the right quality of fillers to go along with the concrete and improve the quality of stability your ultimately achieve to avoid redoing the whole process later.

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