Everything You Need to Learn about the French door Refrigerator

Refrigerators like any other electronic appliances are evolving too. Currently, French door refrigerators have become trendy. Before you decide on purchasing a French door refrigerator, have a look at the information provided below.


Conventional French door refrigerators included two doors like side-by-side refrigerators on the top compartment and a pull-out drawer at the bottom. The top portion acted as a fridge whereas the bottom was a freezer. Over time, the fridge has evolved and some new models have two or no pull out drawers to access the freezer and fridge independent.

Some of the branded locally manufactured French door refrigerators such as LG lrfns2200s, Samsung RF220NCTASR, Whirlpool WRF560SFHZ, and more can be purchases from LES Specialistes de l’Elecromenager in Quebec.  They provide great undeniable offers for their home appliance sales.

Benefits of French door fridge

  • It has a modern design with stainless steel giving it a sleek and elegant look.
  • The two different compartments of the fridge and freezer allow you to have independent access to them.
  • It has a wider capacity that allows you to store large food items. It is suitable for a large family or group.
  • Open shelves allow you to thoroughly examine the food items present in your fridge.
  • The shelves are adjustable in height therefore you can modify them according to the item you are to store.
  • You do not need to bend frequently to have access to food because the fridge shelves are at eye level.
  • Most of the models even have an automatic defrosting system for the freezer so you will not have to manually defrost.
  • In the latest models, they have a door-in-door feature that allows you to store your snacks without letting temperature loss in the main fridge compartment.

Drawbacks of French door refrigerator

  • French door refrigerators are higher in price because of the size and space it provides.
  • The door storages might be narrow for you to store large bottles or beverages in it. The main compartment shelves can therefore be cramped at times.
  • The pull out drawer may be difficult to access as you will have to bend to reach it.


French door refrigerators are becoming more and more beneficial because of the added useful features in their latest models. Some of the models through advanced uses limited energy to fulfill the need of saving energy. Though it might be a bit expensive, if maintained properly, it can be a good investment lasting for the long term.

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