Do You Have a Large Backyard Space? Fill Your Space with a Swimming Pool Today!

If you have a large backyard, it’s fun to fill the space with friends and family. One way to keep a large backyard fun for all is by adding a large pool.

What Makes a Swimming Pool Large?

Large swimming pools range from 8 meters to 11 meters in length. These swimming pools are perfect for swimming laps and accommodating a large group of your friends and family. Companies specialising in designing large pools include safety ledges that benefit children unable to swim. Companies also offer entry steps on each side, deep ends for adults or adventurous children to enjoy, and the ability to install the pool even in narrow spaces between your house and fence.

On websites dedicated to swimming pool installation, you can contact them for a quote depending on the size you want and the details of your backyard.

Do These Large Swimming Pools Have Other Qualities?

Some pool companies offer a colour guard technology to prevent your large pool from fading in colour. With time, the colour of the swimming pool floor can fade. However, colour guard technology prevents fading, so your pool can look fresh and clean years after purchasing. A range of colours comes with this colour guard technology, from dark blue to pearl white to sandy brown, depending on how you want your spacious swimming pool to look.

Another helpful quality of large pools is the ability to add a spillway series. If you have a large enough backyard space, it’s nice to have a hot tub in addition to your large pool. With a spillway series, your hot tub can connect to your large swimming pool adding ultimate comfort and fun for all.

Between the hot tub and pool is a small, shallow wading area perfect for small children who aren’t strong swimmers or adults who want to enjoy the water without fully emerging themselves. The addition of a spillway series to your large swimming pool will enhance the swimming experience for you and your guests.

However, not all pool qualities are for aesthetic purposes but also protect your health. Pool installation companies sometimes offer anti-microbial protection, which protects the surface of your pool against harmful bacteria. This protection allows you and your friends to swim with ease and comfort.

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