Choosing the Right Pier and Beam Foundation Contractor

Most homes made of pier and beam foundations have a reputation for being more stable than those with slabs. And while this is true, repairing pier and beam foundation repair can be a real challenge, especially for repair companies with zero experience. In this article, we discuss pier and beam foundations, common issues with pier and beams. And how to choose a contractor for your repairs.

What is a pier and beam foundation?

A pier and beam foundation is constructed with wooden boards resting on concrete beams. These beams offer support for the wood, and the building lays on top of it. The wooden platforms get elevated above the ground. And utilities installed in the space between the floor and the ground. Pier and beams offer extra support for the structure.

Common issues with pier and beams foundations

  • Shifting beams

Unstable beams tend to shift as time goes by. When this happens, you may notice your floors sagging as well. Repairing your peers can help solve this problem.

  • Shim failure

Sometimes your contractors may use inferior materials for shimming. To repair high-quality materials such as steel should be considered.

  • Shier collapse

Your piers may lean on one side, partially or fully collapse, or even sink into the ground. When these collapses, the rest of your foundation becomes uneven, leading to imperfections. That could even result in further bean damage.

  • Decayed or rotting beams

If you have wooden beams, you will sometimes experience decayed and rotting beams over time. Decay may happen if there’s moisture damage, mold, mild dew, insect infestation, or even flooding. Decayed or rotten beams are unstable.

Choosing a pier and beam foundation dallas tx company.

  • Warranty

A warranty is not something you want to overlook. When choosing a pier and beam foundation repair contractor, you want to choose one that guarantees perfect results.

A pier and beams foundation repairs company that offers a warranty means that they trust their work. And this means that you do not have to worry about the repairs in your home. Pier and beam foundation repairs are costly, and no repair company wants to do it twice, especially out of their pocket. With a warranty, you get assured that the contractor will do a thorough job and that your house is stable and safe.

You might want to steer away from contractors who do not give a warranty. That should serve as a red flag that they may not do a good job. And will not take responsibility for their actions.

  • Reviews

Finally, before choosing the right pier and beam foundation repair company, you want to consider their reviews. There are plenty of places where you could gather this information. From Google, Yelp, and their website, you could get ideas whether the company repairs contactors is worth your consideration.

Another reliable platform to consider for reviews is the BBB. The platform will make you aware of any complaints lodged against the piers and beams foundations. You can check different customer interactions to assess if your preferred repairs contractor is the best to choose. Consider a pier and beam foundation repair contractor with a BBB rating of A+.

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