Choosing the Best Kitchen Worktop for Your Budget

When going through the process of choosing a new kitchen benchtop can be an intriguing prospect, but for many others, this can be a bit challenging when confronted with the vast array of sales offers, incentive schemes, components, colour options, and styles. Others may have already lost interest before they get to the end of the sales brochure. In today’s world, there are so many options it can be easy to drift off, or lose interest. In an attempt to help and, save you sometimes, here are some things you need to know and features to put top of your shopping list;

Out of tune with the latest?

Typically, a kitchen is remodelled every 10-15 years, and unless your kitchen has taken some serious abuse that means buying new units is required, you probably won’t have looked at kitchen equipment for well over a decade. These days, when it comes to home improvements, especially kitchen design, a lot has changed with regards to how involved you can be in the process.

Services like computer simulated 3D designs are available for customers to take advantage of, taking virtual tours and inspections of products like stone kitchen benchtops prior to purchase is second nature these days. One of the most significant benefits of these services is the opportunity to experiment with different colours, designs, and materials.

Stone benchtops have seen an increased amount of interest, despite the cost compared to cheaper options, when you can see your kitchen before you buy it might make you spend a little more once you see the quality incorporated into a 3D virtual model of your kitchen.

Why go for a stone benchtop?

When you buy quality, here is what you can expect to receive;

Heat and stain resistance

No worries about warped or stained units, something inevitable with cheap units.

Maintenance and Longevity

These units are made even tougher by the durability of stone combined with a special coating. Cracks and chips shouldn’t be a cause for concern, your units may even outlive the house.


Stone benchtops should be regarded as an investment because they will last for a longer period of time.


Nothing compares to the stunning appearance and variety of colour options.

Simple to clean

The finished stone coating is wipeable, making cleaning a breeze.

Purchase time

When making your purchase, consider how each company differs from one another. Do they provide the best value, guarantee, fitting services, and/or colour options?

Experience the difference with kitchen renovations Hobart. From concept to completion, our dedicated team ensures a seamless process and outstanding outcomes for your dream kitchen.

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