Basement Leak Repair in Grand Rapids: Inside or Outside the Home?

If you live in Grand Rapids and your basement is leaking, you’ll need to find the source before determining if it should be repaired from the inside or outside of your home.

If you’re lucky, there’s only one spot where water is coming through, but if not, it can be a bit more challenging.

The best way to start your investigation is by taking a look at the water damage on your walls. Is there more than one area that appears wet? Are these areas close together or far apart? If they’re close together, then it’s likely that the problem lies in an area where there are two walls connected by a beam or joist—that’s usually where leaks come from. If they’re far apart, then it’s probably coming from somewhere else, like cracks or holes in the foundation.

Once you’ve figured out which wall is leaking and where to use some tools like putty knives or screwdrivers to remove any loose tiles or plaster so you can see what’s underneath them. If you find something that looks suspicious (like mold) or damaged (like rotted wood), call in a professional because these things can lead to bigger problems later on down the line if not addressed immediately!

What’s Causing the Leak? 

There are a few different types of basement leak repairs in Grand Rapids, and it’s important to know which one you’re dealing with, so you can get the best repair possible.

When it comes to cement cracks that leak, they can be repaired from the inside as long as they don’t extend too far into the basement walls. These kinds of cracks are fairly common and can easily be repaired from the inside.

If your basement has bowing walls or other structural issues that cause leaks, then exterior repair may be necessary. Fortunately, most leaking problems can be corrected from the inside, but if those repairs aren’t working for you, then exterior repair is an option worth considering.

Exterior Basement Leak Repairs in Grand Rapids

 If you have a minor problem in your basement, you might think that an exterior solution will be the most cost-effective way to fix it. However, there are several reasons why an inside repair is actually more likely to be the best option.

First, outside solutions for the more minor basement problems are unwarranted because they are much more expensive than inside repairs. The only option for repairing cracks from the outside is to excavate, locate the origin of the crack, and then install a patch over the foundation. This type of repair is much more expensive than an inside repair because it requires additional labor costs and can only be done in dry weather and when the ground isn’t frozen. Additionally, this type of repair may not be permanent as the patch could deteriorate over time.

Problems like bowed walls may require a repair from the outside if braces and supports must be placed. Additionally, when an inside repair would cost more due to a need to rip out drywall, built-in home components, and other permanent fixtures in the basement, an exterior repair could actually end up less expensive.

Interior Basement Leak Repairs In Grand Rapids

If you have a leaky basement, there are many different ways to fix it. The best option depends on the size and type of the problem.

If your foundation has small cracks and holes, epoxy or polyurethane can be injected into them to seal off the leak and keep moisture out while filling in any voids. This method is durable and permanent.

If your basement is experiencing overall moisture issues, such as mold growth or water seeping through walls or floors into living spaces above, a durable interior waterproofing coating can be applied to keep moisture out as well as prevent future leaks from occurring.

Anytime a basement repair method is executed from the inside, it will be much simpler simply because the foundation is accessible without having to dig up your yard first. It also means that less time will need to be spent on this project since less-extensive interior leak solutions can usually be completed within hours instead of days or weeks like exterior repairs might take if they require digging up part of your yard first so contractors can access the foundation from outside before proceeding with repairs from inside your Grand Rapids home or office building.

Call An Experienced Professional In Grand Rapids Today!

 A leaky basement can be a major inconvenience to homeowners. In most cases, it’s not a permanent problem and can be repaired quickly and cost-effectively.

The most common cause of a leaky basement is water seeping through cracks in the foundation due to a poor seal between your home and the ground. If you have a leaky basement, it’s essential to contact a skilled contractor who can diagnose the problem and provide the right professional leak solution to dry things out and prevent further damage.

In most cases, contractors can use simpler basement repair methods on the inside of your Grand Rapids foundation to quickly remedy the problem. Should a more substantial problem exist, a contractor will discuss the repair options with you to help decide whether inside or outside repair is more suitable for your situation!

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