5 Contemporary Door Designs for Your Home in El Paso

Whether you live in Castner Heights, Mission Hills, Mountain View, Montoya Heights, Zach White, or Mountain Arroyos, we’re sure you’re familiar with El Paso’s passion for residential design and décor. The city’s stunning neighborhoods feature dazzling arrays of properties that look like they belong on the glossy pages of Architectural Digest.

Over the years, homeowners have become adept at picking out the most sophisticated and eye-catching doors for their properties. We’ve been on the lookout for the top modern door designs in El Paso and the verdict is in. Continue reading for an overview of the glistening doors that residents haven’t been able to get off their minds this year.

1. Sleek Steel French Doors

As one of the most popular door styles in El Paso, steel French doors are a sight for sore eyes. The simple, sleek, and sophisticated doors add much-needed depth and dimension to minimalist interior spaces. The best part? They work well as both interior and exterior doors. Whether you’re looking for a pair of new entry doors or patio doors, you can trust in a pair of good ol’ steel French doors to do the job well.

2. Eye-Catching Dutch Doors

Over the years, Dutch doors have become a staple across El Paso. If you haven’t come across these doors before, you’re probably wondering how they work. The cutting-edge doors are designed to increase energy efficiency, enhance accessibility, and ensure adequate ventilation. The bottom half is firmly secured in place while the top half freely swings open and close. You can choose to operate the top half or close it and operate the entire door like a regular door.

Dutch doors work exceptionally well for dog owners. Apart from offering a plethora of benefits in terms of versatility and functionality, they also pack aesthetic appeal in abundance. Browse through Pinky’s Iron Doors’ Dutch doors to find the perfect pair for your home. You can also opt for custom Dutch doors to meet your unique design or spatial requirements to a tee.

3. Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Ask any El Paso resident about the value of an entry door with ornate scrollwork and they’ll figuratively talk your ear off. When it comes to front doors, El Paso has a type. The city is known for its unique wrought iron front doors with intricate scrollwork. The creative design adds a touch of elegance and luxuriousness to modern spaces.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a pair of new entry doors, make sure you opt for stunning scrollwork. Not only will your home appear more inviting and engaging, but it’ll also exude Texas’ quintessential rustic resplendence. A win-win!Make sure you use an iron door spray to protect and maintain your iron doors in the long run.

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4. Arched Black Steel Doors

Think “modern doors” and an image of arched black steel doors instantly forms in the mind. As one of the most chic and timeless interior doors, arched steel doors pack a powerful punch. They’re versatile, unmistakably luxurious, and sophisticated.

Spruce up your bedroom, closet, or bathroom by installing a pair of arched black steel doors. You can also incorporate these majestic doors in your living room. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, hang pastel curtains over your new doors. You’ll marvel at the outcome!

5. Chic Steel Sliding Doors

Whether you’re a residential design newbie or aficionado, we’re sure you’ve heard about steel sliding doors. As one of the most popular door styles, they’re a go-to for many homeowners across Texas. But what makes them stand out? Well, for starters, sliding doors save ample space. Unlike regular doors, they don’t extend outwards. Instead, they seamlessly glide along their trails.

If you indulge in pocket steel doors—a variation of sliding doors—you can save even more space. Pocket doors disappear from sight when closed, resulting in incredible space saving. Both sliding doors and pocket doors ensure easy accessibility. You can open or close them with a slight touch. In essence, they’re perfect for kids, older people, and disabled people.

And when it comes to aesthetic appeal, sliding doors are in a league of their own. The ultra-chic doors are simple, sleek, and sophisticated. No matter how diverse your residential design preferences may be, the right pair of sliding doors will beautifully complement your space. Browse through different glass samples to find the perfect accompaniment for your doors.

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